Todorich Illuminated Depressors

A growing line of options for every surgeon, all T.I.D. designs provide a ball-point depressor tip that illuminates.

This illuminated depressor provides the surgeon with several useful benefits including,

  • The ability to simultaneously perform unassisted scleral depression while shaving the vitreous base.

  • Identifying retained lens fragments

  • Locating breaks or tears in the outer periphery

  • Identifying radiation seed placements

  • Oncology tumor identification


T.I.D. Cap-Over

  • Translucent ball point depressor that slides over your light pipe to convert it to a transscleral illuminator. 

  • Works with most light pipes.

  • Sterile, disposable 5/box

TID 1.0 clear x 2.jpg

T.I.D. Beacon

  • One-piece transscleral illuminator designed for use in the clinic.

  • Requires Vortex LED light source.

  • Sterile, disposable 5/box

TID2 SF #7.jpg

T.I.D. Pharos

  • One-piece transscleral illuminator that plugs directly into your vitrectomy machine.

  • Works with major vitrectomy systems.

  • Sterile, disposable 5/box

TID2 SF #7.jpg

LED Light Source

  • XXX watt LED light source